Sunday Morning Life Group: 9:30am 

Wednesday Evening: 6:30pm 
Daniel & Michelle Hill, Youth Leader
Our Vision

Our Vision at FBCM is to nurture students and their families in Christian discipleship / formation through worship, fellowship, study and mission.

Our Mission is that the youth ministry of FBC be an engaging and welcoming community for its youth and their friends that

Our Values
Christ-Centeredness: The foundation of every program and activity sponsored by our student ministry is to help students grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and to aid them in developing the morals of a Christ-centered faith.
God’s Word: Our ministry is grounded in the Bible, and its principles guide all our programs.
Authentic Acceptance: FBC Student Ministry is a place where students, their parents and their leaders can be themselves and where people of different schools, races and backgrounds are genuinely welcomed and valued.
Sanctuary: A spirit of supportive openness pervades our student ministry and provides students with safe places and times to express their struggles and find encouragement among their peers and leaders.
Ownership: Students are highly invested in the planning and implementation of the student ministry and they observe and create distinctive traditions that foster enthusiasm and pride in each setting of the youth program.
Respect: We foster an environment of respect for self, one another and God’s good creation.